Suspension Trainer Exercises

Below are several great exercises with the suspension trainer and links to other great core exercises:

Home Gym Workout Routines with No Equipment

Core Exercises to get Ripped Abs

TRX vs. Pullup Bars

These suspension trainer exercises build isometric strength in your shoulder, chest, and triceps, while utilizing every core muscle from the glutes, lower back, rectus abdominis, obliques and more.

This is the Body Saw, and the Body Saw with a Pike; intense functional workout that carries over well to swimming, judo, you name it.

TRX Plank Progressions.  Utilize these examples to build isometric strength.  Combine with the reach-under plank to increase your strength through a greater range of motion.

Suspended Plank with Reach Under

Sprinter's Start

Power Development, Quad strengthener, keep up the pace and get a Cardiovascular workout. Deceptively easy.

Advanced Atomic Push -Up

Who says you can't build muscle and serious strength with the TRX?

Regular Atomic Push-Up

This is an excellent instructional video on this exercise; make sure you are comfortable performing this push-up before progressing to the advanced exercise above.

Suspended Flyes + Suspended Push-Ups;  Advanced Combo for building chest, tricep, and shoulder strength!

Get With the movement

Put together by Take Aim Fitness, this trainer does a great job of fusing three TRX moves:

-Suspended Lunge

This video shows good form for performing these exercises:

For a an intense whole body fat-burning workout that will also build strength, strength-endurance, and leg power, follow this routine. The form demonstrated here is worth noting:

Can't afford a new suspension trainer? Read about making a homemade version here:

Suspension Trainer Options

or visit:  Jungle Gym Suspension Trainer

for an affordable alternative.

TRX Suspension Training: Make Your Body Your Machine