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About this blog

A couple of years ago I found myself getting older (it happens to the best of us) and nearing my "late" thirties. Without realizing it, I had fallen into the pit of letting my fitness take a back burner to marriage and family (i.e. kids.)

To take control of my health, I took action by diving back into muscle building and cardiovascular conditioning. At the time, my knowledge was limited to barbells, dumbbells, push-ups and running. I wanted more, and it didn't take long to discover I wasn't alone.

My Philosophy
I have always lead a healthy lifestyle, which included lots of exercise. In my opinion, we were built to be active every day, and our bodies are capable of more than we know. To keep fit is to keep happy, and to support your fitness you must eat healthy.

The formula is simple: Eat fresh food consisting of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins. Drink plenty of water. Don't overdo it on alcohol, caffeine, sugar, saturated fats, or processed foods. Get plenty of exercise every day.

When we listen to our bodies, and we are honest with ourselves about our habits, we can improve or make positive change on a constant basis, mentally and physically. If you think you are already doing this, try writing a journal for five minutes a day for 1 week.

Record your eating habits, bad and good. Write down any activity you perform. Right down the way you behaved toward others or towards yourself. Were you virtuous? Did you act with integrity?

No matter where you are in life, hugely successful or struggling to get it together, you can continue to improve.

Why I Write This Blog

Once I was back into strength and conditioning, I was really back into it. I studied (and continue to study) the latest trends and research, and experimented with different tools. I wanted to go beyond the basics and discover the most effective tools for getting results. Of course the best tool is the one we have between our ears, but new exercises and equipment keep things interesting. I began training with friends using small boulders, home made sand bags, slosh pipes made from PVC, and clubs of galvanized steel pipe. The list goes on, and I continue to add to it.

My focus here is to feature these odd implements, whether store bought or home made, and demonstrate how I use them, and how they might be effective for you. At the same time, almost every workout features the basic tools: barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and a pull-up bar..

It is my hope that you will find something unusual and informative to help you on your own quest while reading through these pages. So keep reading, and Thank You for visiting!